Cosplay Competition

Focon 1.0 Cosplay Competition

We have a feeling that a convention wouldn’t be complete without a cosplay competition. As such it was obvious from the start that this will be one of the main point of Foconu 1.0.

Our goal, as with the whole convention, was that anyone willing would be able take part in it. That’s why we decided to held it in a sort of mail-way, e.g. participants sent us their applications in a form of photographs. Then our jury during a debate chose the finalists and winners. Final was held on Sunday 25.04.2021 and then you were able to see the finalists and winners.

Between 11.04.2021 – 20.04.2021 we received a total of 91 applications for 3 categories:
– best cosplay, general category – opened for all, we judged the whole work,
– quarantine cosplay – where we accepted only photographs on a uniform, neutral background and judged only the costume,
– cosplay photography – where the photo itself was the main point, less consideration was taken for the costume.

Competition winners:

Best cosplay

Igor "Stygian" Cieślak

Cosplay at quarantine

"Tsuki Iseki"

Best cosplay photography

Karolina Tul

Special award
from Cosplay Cratf

Daria "Daraya" Książek

The jury was composed of:


Aleksandra Tora

Kairi in Cosplayland

Katarzyna Siedlecka

Kanto Cosplay

Jan Weltrowski-Knopik

Anna Donica

We will see you on Focon 2.0 this fall ...

Prepare a new cosplay!