Adam Kwapiński (board games / Poland)

His first thought about a career as a board game developer came over 10 years ago when together with his friends created Teomachia. It was then that he felt that it was more than a hobby and he wanted to take it seriously, which ended up establishing a small publishing house – Fabryka Gier Historycznych. Currently, he works as an independent artist cooperating with many publishers in Poland and abroad. As a game player and creator, he appreciates strategy as well as the consistency of mechanics and theme. He likes all kinds of games, from fast party games to hours long titles for more advanced players. His favorite games are Civilization: Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, and A Feast for Odin.


Adam loves to create new games – he emphasizes in an interview on the channel ON TABLE Gry Boardszowe. that he often works on several or even a dozen games at the same time.


He created such titles as: Herosi, Lords of Hellas, InBetween, Nemesis, i.e. games that every fan of sitting at the board knows. Currently, Adam is working on a board adaptation of Frostpunk – the cult computer game from 11 bit studio. The game should be released in 2021, which all fans of board games and Polish studios are waiting for with flushed faces.


If it seems to you that man lives by games alone, then Adam also has a hobby completely unrelated to board games. For over 15 years he has been training Irish dance as a hobby, going to competitions and performing as a member of the Glas Eirin dance team operating in Lublin!