Aleksander Kauch (computer games / Poland)

Aleksander Kauch is a Senior Engineering Lead at the Polish development studio 11 bit studios. With 10 years of experience in the company, he has worked on almost every production to date: the series “Anomaly”, “This War of Mine” and the latest released game – “Frostpunk”. Currently, he is responsible for managing the work of programmers and the QA department on a new project.

More than once he had the opportunity to share his experience and skills with students – he lectured on programming at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Academy of Games and Postproduction.

Outside work, Aleksander Kauch is an avid gamer (we were surprised, were you?;)) – not only of computer games, but also of board games. His private life as well as his professional life is full of games. Aleksander Kauch is a lover of the history of computer games, and at home he has a large collection of them.

He’s a proud representative of the PC Master Race, but with strong console drifts.

During Focon, he will talk about his collection, classic games, as well as work on games in 11 bit studios!