Anna Donica (make-up artist / Poland)

Anna Donica is a woman with many interests. However, her greatest passion and profession, in which she already has extensive experience, is cosmetology. Her career began 9 years ago with makeup for photo shoots. And in 2019, she opened her dream beauty corner under the name Anna Donica Studio Urody, which you can take a closer look at on her Fanpage and Instagram. In her work, she puts the comfort and well-being of her guests above all else. He can create a unique atmosphere, thanks to which he quickly establishes a bond with his clients. She uses her creative skills to choose and create fantastic and cosplay makeups, which often require more attention from her than many makeup for a stressed bride. Cosplay makeup is characterized by a special emphasis on contouring and little naturalness, as the characters that cosplayers look like may come from other nations and even other worlds. However, this is not an obstacle for Ania, who not only has a wide range of skills, but also because of her passion for her profession, is not afraid of any challenges!

During Focon, Ania will conduct a make-up show, and decided to fund an award for the cosplay competition in the form of a professional online make-up course created especially for cosplayers! Therefore, be sure to take part in the competition, and on Saturday watch Ania live at work.