Anna Kańtoch (writer / Poland)

Anna Kańtoch is a Polish writer born in Katowice in 1976. She is a successful writer dealing with many fields – she creates both novels and short stories, fantasy and criminal works. In addition, she is a graduate of Oriental studies with a specialization in Arabic studies at the Jagiellonian University.


She started writing quite early, as early as… in the days of elementary school! Although, as she admits, they were not yet outstanding, years of practice meant that the talent was enriched with an excellent workshop, and her books are now in demand! Thanks to perseverance and honing her writing skills, her current art cannot be compared to the first steps she took in her childhood. Kańtoch’s professional debut was the short story “Diabeł Na Wieży”, published in 2004, which appeared in the Science Fiction magazine. Anna Kańtoch has been recognized with many awards throughout her career and is currently one of the most popular authors on the Polish fantasy scene. In 2007, she was awarded the European Science Fiction Association award for the most promising young artist. In addition, she received the Polish fandom Janusz A. Zajdel award five times.