Arkady Saulski (writer / Poland)

When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming an archaeologist or a filmmaker. When he grew up, he became a writer and it seems that this path was destined for him, because, as he admits, he cannot help but create new stories.

Arkady made his debut in ‘Nowa Fantastyka’ with the short story “Siberian Children” in 2010. Six years later he published the novels “Black Colony” and “Wolf”. With the story “Hussars of Death” he won second prize in the competition Create Your Story, and “Book of Blades” gave him second place in the competition Single’s Dilemmas. He also graduated from the Naval Academy in International Affairs. He is a journalist of “Gazeta Bankowa” and the publisher in the wGospodarce.pl portal. He won a Władysław Grabski Award for his professional activity, awarded by the PNB to the best economic journalists in Poland. Thanks to such a mix of interests, she will surely answer all your questions!

He says that has particular respect for the works of Rafał Dębski, Feliks W. Kres, George R.R. Martin, Miroslav Žamboch and Mario Puzo, which perfectly complements his favorite activities – being at home, walking and chatting with his wife and playing Warhammer. He refutes the accusations related to the latter interests by declaring that he considers slippers to be an element of the domestic oppression system and fights against it from an early age.

Just a moment ago, in February 2021, his latest novel, “Red Lotus”, had its premiere. About samurai. And also about ghosts, honor, love and hate beyond the grave. An ideal book for everyone who looks at Far Eastern cultures with a friendly eye. But for more, you’ll have to ask Arkady Saulski yourself during his author’s meeting!