Bartek Biedrzycki (writer / Poland)

Bartek Biedrzycki, born in 1978, did so many things in his life that we would use a whole keyboard to fully describe his activities. In a nutshell, we can tell you that he is: a Polish screenwriter, publisher and comic book journalist, podcast, author of fantasy and science-fiction.

He himself claims to be a relic in many ways. He was born in the 1970s, but the reality he was raised to in the 1980s never came. He played games on an 8-bit Atari, and he knew Lego bricks mainly from Pewex. In his adult life, he was a teacher and soldier, worked in nightclubs and in television, eventually dropped everything and went working for a corporation.

He learned about fantasy thanks to the adventures of the pilot Pirx, but he also read many-volume fantasy sagas. Before he began publishing books, he wrote and published comics, was engaged in journalism and recorded several hundred spoken programs. He is one of the main characters of Robert Szmidt’s novel “Wrocław Rats”.

In the years 2018-2020, together with Krzysztof Sokołowski, he reactivated the magazine “Fenix”, initiated the creation of the zine “Żar-bird” and began publishing the “Fantastic Yearbook”.

He made his debut in the field of fantasy writing in 2014 with the publishing of “Complex 7215, Opowieści z postapokaliptycznej aglomeracji vol. I” by Fabryka Słów. Since then, he has published a total of 5 books and one children’s novel.

In 2021, he published the, originally published digitally, anthology of the comic book “Gniazdo Światów”. The proceeds from the sale of the comic book were donated to charity.

He likes meat, taking pictures and demolishing road bridges.