Bruno Grigori (writer / Poland)

Bruno Grigori, born in 1972 in Krakow. A graduate of Nowodworek and the Jagiellonian University. Former editor-in-chief of Gry-Online. Writer, lecturer, programmer and game designer, associated with the game industry for 25 years.

Bruno Grigori will debut this year with the novel “Bad Human”, published by Wydawnictwo IX. The main story will be accompanied by two novelettes: “Stellar Eclipse” and “Days a Little Different”, which take place in the same universe, and with the same protagonists.

“Bad Human” is a story with true panache that takes place on three separate time planes. You will accompany the Warsaw coroner, whose life becomes more and more destabilized with each passing day; you will look at the stranger through the eyes of a romantic, enamored woman living in an almost Victorian world surrounded by poisonous seas; and finally you will witness a huge cosmic operation for which humanity is only an exotic backdrop. All these threads combine into a surprising, fantastic epic filled with mythological symbolism.