Santa Evita (theater / Japan)

Ewa Barylińska – a Japanese philologist, a graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Waseda University in Tokyo. An alternative model and burlesque artist by passion. She has been living in Japan for almost 5 years. In her spare time,she goes to the theater and trains in kitsuke – the art of dressing kimono.

Her interest in the culture of the Far East was born from a cup of tea. At the age of 15, her love of tea led her to the presentation of the Japanese play Road of Tea – chadō and decided to join the Urasenke association operating in Warsaw to learn the tea ceremony. There she learned the first Japanese phrases that defined her future academic path. And since she likes to learn foreign languages, it was easier for her to follow this path. So far, she has studied 6 different ones in her life, and is now fluent in English and Japanese.

Santa Evita also tried her hand at alternative modeling. She always wanted to create photos inspired by gothic or fantasy fashion. She loved Victorian and steampunk climates, but also pin-up and burlesque were close to her. This is where the thought arose that since she started sewing bras embroidered with rhinestones for photo sessions, she might as well actually appear in it … And that’s how she started to appear in burlesque. Now her modeling career has turned towards her interest in kimonos. From the age of 10, she loved musicals and even wanted to enter an acting school, for this she learned to dance and was in a music school in a vocal class. From high school, she also began learning to play the harp. With such a skill set, her interest in theater seems to be an obvious consequence. During her stay in Japan, she had the opportunity to personally appear on the local stages, playing male roles in musical and revue productions. Takarazuka is a passion she unexpectedly discovered during her first scholarship in Japan. As she recalls, it changed her forever.

During the Focon, Santa Evita will tell you about secrets of the Japanese revue world.