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Whoever you are, wherever you are – you can join us!
Have great fun in a wonderful atmosphere with countless attractions. Your mobile phone, laptop or tablet with an internet connection is all you need to take part in the most unusual fantasy convention in Poland! 

Focon 1.0 guests

Guy Gavriel Kay

writer (Canada)

Peter V. Brett

writer (USA)

Matt Ruff

writer (USA)

Rebecca F. Kuang

writer (USA)

Robert Brown

singer of Abney Park (USA)

Ilona Anderws

writer (USA)

Marek Brodzki

director (Poland)

Michael Mammay

writer (USA)

Przemysław Marszał
11 bit studios

games (Poland)

Mateusz Szymański
CD Project Red

games (Poland)

Yu Joey
Commissioned Writer for League of Legends

 writer, games (Shanghai, China)

Marcin Rybiński
Anshar Studios

games (Poland)

Regina Kanyu Wang

writer (China)

Eugeniusz Dębski

writer (Poland)

Mochi Chuu

cosplayer (Italy)

Michał Gołkowski

writer (Poland)


mangaka (Poland)

Arkady Saulski

writer (Poland)

Magdalena Kucenty

fiction writer, writer in CD Project Red (Poland)

Wojciech Królik

writer (Poland)

Magdalena “Cathia” Kozłowska

fandom (Poland)

Maria Zdybska

writer (Poland)

Grzegorz Wielgus

writer (Poland)

Łukasz Rzadkowski

writer (Poland)

Tomasz Kamiński

writer (Poland)

Andrzej Ziemiański

writer (Poland)

Peter A. Flannery

writer (Great Britain)

Adam Przechrzta

writer (Poland)

Krzysztof Piersa

writer (Poland)

Krzysztof Sokołowski

singer of Nocny Kochanek (Poland)

Klauda “Foka” Heintze


Jack Campbell

writer (USA)

Bartek Biedrzycki

writer (Poland)

Hubert Ronek

comics (Poland)

Magdalena Stonawska

fandom (Poland)

Marko Kloos

writer (USA)

Marcin Podlewski

writer (Poland)

Karolina Fedyk 

writer (Poland)

Andrzej Pilipiuk

writer (Poland)

Bruno Grigori

writer (Poland)

Agnieszka Miela

writer (Poland)

Marcin Przybyłek

writer (Poland)

Anna Kańtoch

writer (Poland)

Magdalena Kozak

writer (Poland)

Andrzej Drzewiński

writer (Poland)

Aleksander Kauch
11 bit studios

games (Poland)

Tom Putzki

games (Germany)

Marta Fijak
Anshar Studios

games (Poland)

Julien Lambert

comics (Belgium)

Karl Kerschl

comics (Canada)

Darwin film group

movie (Poland)

Julian Jeliński (Brody z Kosmosu)

movie (Poland)

Jacek Mikołajczyk

theater director (Poland)

Mateusz Urbanowicz

grapchic (Japan)

What have we prepared for you?


Whether you’re a fan of books, manga, board games or video games – each and every fantasy fan will find something for themselves!


Every true fantasy fan have their favourite character! Become one of them and show the world that you’re better than the original! Our jury will tell you how to become even better!


You can join our convention for free, but what respectable event like this would be without having its information leaflet in hand? And that’s exactly why you can order a ticket or a whole set of gadgets delivered right to your door!


The colorful stands of the exhibitors and long talks with them are inseparable from the convention atmosphere. That’s why we put them together in our virtual hall so you can enjoy their presence!

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