Game jam

Girls! Boys! There are games to be made! 🙂


This year it is our greatest pleasure to invite you to take part in a Game Jam event that will take place during Focon online convention. It’s a unique attraction for us, because video games have always been a large part of our interests. We hope that this event will give you even more fun during Fantasy Online Convention!

We’re open for both Game Jam veterans and fresh people in this type of events, who would like to take part in such thing for the first time. 

If you’re a veteran and you have some events of experience under your belt – you will have freedom and a place for presenting your and your group’s talents. You will also have support from the mentors working in the industry and a chance to partake in interesting prelections of different advancement levels (more details soon).

If you are new to this and you want to begin your adventure with game jams then you can count on our full support and help in taking your first steps! You can be sure that we’ll explain everything and our mentor  wszystko wytłumaczymy, a mentor lub mentorka, który/a będzie się opiekował Tobą lub Twoją grupą poprowadzi Was tak, żebyście mogli jak najwięcej skorzystać z wydarzenia. 

What's this game jam after all?

Game jam is akin to a marathon, during which contestants are tasked with making a working video game. Those games don’t have to be (and usually are not) complicated. It’s quite often the opposite – less is more. Your idea is one of the most important things but also considering available time and your capabilities is a major factor. Time is, after all, quite limited and it’s always better to finish a simpler project than to get stuck in the middle of an ambitious and complicated one 🙂  jest ograniczony, a lepiej ukończyć prostszy projekt niż utknąć w skomplikowanym 🙂

Video game is made from various different parts and that’s why in game jams teams of several people take part. They are usually made up from people responsible for designing, programming, graphics and sometimes even sound and text. If you do, however, like working alone – there’s nothing against joining our game jam as a one person team!  

Focarian game jam will be held under guidance of mentors, who are working in the industry. They will be at the groups disposition to answer their questions, give advice and share their experience if only the contestants would want it. It’s a unique opportunity to get to know real professionals with a lot of completed projects – you might have played some of them already!

Another major thing is what game would the teams try to create. We will give the main theme at the beginning of the jam and each team will have to design and complete their own project.

What can you expect?

  • Each team will be provided with an assistance of a mentor working in the game industry. Use this to get every needed bit of knowledgle from them!
  • During the jam we will hold prelections and panels with specialists regarding various aspects of game development so you can gain a lot of knowledge and catch some breath.
  • At the end of the jam there will be a presentation of all created games, private jury meeting (and playing your games of course) after which a verdict and winners would be announced.

I've never been to a game jam. Does it have any sense at all?

YES! Our game jam is designed in a way so both novice people, that will be in such event for the first time and a veterans of such jams can take part in it.

If you are first timers on such an event – be sure to check the appropriate box on the sign up  form! This will allow us to select for you a mentor that will tell you more about this event at the beginning and will also give you advice how to plan your work. Game jam is a unique opportunity to meet with professionals, take part in prelections, see the work of others and challenge with your ideas so it’s definitely worth taking part in even of you are not entirely sure if that’s the event for you. We are sure you will find your role here and surely you’ll discover and learn plethora of new things!

We know that the beginnings can be quite demanding and when you are just getting to know how this event works it might be hard to compete with those who have more experience. That’s why we ensured the prizes will be given in two categories: veterans and first timers. We hope that this will give you mostly a fun time, without worrying about winning and competition.

Can I participate in a game jam if I don't have a team?

YES! We invite both teams and lone wolves. If you don’t have a team you can join our game jam in one of two ways:

  • if you feel like you can create a game alone – sign up as a single person team,
  • you can also join solo and we, within our possibilities, will create a team from solo applications or add you up to those teams that will agree to.

Tak czy inaczej – na pewno znajdziesz u nas dla siebie miejsce!

Eternal fame, glory and....? Prizes!

We feel that the most important thing you can get from us is a chance to grow! That’s why each team will receive full feedback about their game from our jury.

We will also soon announce more measurable ways of rewarding your hard work! 🙂

So how do I sign up?

You just need to have your team’s data if you want to create one and fill up the form below which will appear here soon.