Jack Campbell (writer / USA)

John G. Hemry is a retired US Navy officer. His military career was rich in experience, he was a navigator, an artillery officer, an intelligence officer, he worked in anti-terrorist cells and more.

John G. Hemry publishes under the pseudonym of Jack Campbell.

His literary horizons are very broad. As Jack Campbell, he created the space opera The Lost Fleet, which became a New York Times bestseller. The last part published in Poland: “External Space: Lewiatan” was nominated for the title of the Book of the Year 2020 by LubimyCzytańá.pl in the science-fiction category. Under the same alias he writes the series “The Pillars of Reality”, which combines steampunk with “high fantasy”.

As John G. Hemry he wrote the “Stark’s War” trilogy, which is a post-apocalyptic, military science-fiction. Craig Knight of The British Fantasy Society praised the first part for its distinctive dialogue and well-structured war backdrop, and Daniel Cann of Fantasy Book Review said Jack Campbell created a noble future warrior in his novel.

Under Paul Sinclair alias he created the series “JAG in Space” about the spacecraft officer USS Michaelson. Jack Campbell’s published novel “The Sister Paradox” won the 2018 Epic Ebook Award.

Privately, John G. Hemry lives in Maryland with his steadfast wife, “S”, and three wonderful children.

During the meeting, we will ask John about his inspirations, but also about how a military career affects literary creativity and why so often retired military personnel transfer the plot of their books to space.