Joanna “Azja” Legoda (graphic, tattoo artist / Poland)

Joanna Azja Legoda is a 27-year-old artist, painter and tattoo artist. Drawing has been her passion for as long as she can remember – it determined the rhythm of her life from kindergarten. As an adult, when she chose that this should be her way, she attended the Domin drawing school for a year, and using these classes, she prepared a portfolio for the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and got into the first 15 candidates first time. However, during her studies, she discovered that this was not the place for her, so she left. This twist in her career made Joanna very distant from art.

During this time, she discovered the art of tattooing by accident. The desire to create returned with her new occupation, making her very quickly perfect in a new profession. She quickly got into the studio, worked in many different places, traveled on guest spots – in this way she met many artists, learned various techniques and gathered all the necessary knowledge – including medical knowledge. This is how her intricate career path led her to where she is today: she has been tattooing for 6 years and is an award-winning artist.

She has gained so far:

  • 3rd place in the “small colored tattoo” category at Warsaw Tattoo Days 2017,
  • 3rd place in the “neo-traditional tattoo” category at Warsaw Tattoo Days 2017,
  • 3rd place in the “large color tattoo” category at Lublin Tattoo Days 2018,
  • 3rd place in the category of “neo-traditional tattoo” Lublin Tattoo Days 2018.

Julia Szewczykowska, who was a judge at conventions many times, said about her works that they are technically solid and that she should go for it, regardless of the difficulties, which only motivated Asia to continue her efforts. Thanks to this lucky streak – thanks to hard work and perfecting her skills, Asia returned to the bosom of art and in 2019 she reached for brushes again. Now, however, she paints what she enjoys and satisfies her inner hunger to create. When will to create grabs her in its claws and starts to paint, she does not stop until she is finished, and each painting is a surprise, because it is created during painting.

In developing her artistic soul, she is helped by: 5 dogs, a cat, her 4-year-old child and, as she says herself, “soul mate”, which she found in … a tattoo studio, and she made one of the winning works on it.


If you want to find out how much is an artist in a tattoo artist, whether it is easier to paint on canvas or on a human, and how much madness there must be in every artist – a meeting with Asia will certainly be the perfect place for you. And after the meeting, we also invite you to the exhibitors’ zone, because Asia will be there with her amazing paintings that will certainly appeal to the imagination and heart of every fantasy fan.