Krzysztof Haladyn (writer / Poland)

Krzysztof Haladyn is a journalist and public relations specialist, but he declares that he is not afraid of any work. Although his interest in literature began when he decided that his dad fell asleep too quickly when reading him at bedtime, his writing debut took place only in 2016, when he entered the debutes competition with “Fabryczna Zona” cordon..

He made his debut with a spectacular rally through Zona (the series “Na Skraju Strefy”), and then decided to take the reader into the future to digital Polis – a cyberpunk novel “Cyfrak”. But remember that its second part – “Digit Antivirus” – may contain traces of peanuts … and huge robots, so be careful!

In another book, the author begins an affair with yet another era: “The Last Rites” takes the reader to the times of World War II. Somewhere in the east of Poland, the author puts a book of spells into the hands of the chaplain of the fighting unit – creating a moving marriage of history and magic. Each series of novels takes place in a different time and place, but they are connected by artistry and original ideas of the author.

In addition to books, Krzysztof Haladyn loves games in his spare time, both on the board and on the screen. He also does not despise a good movie.

He says that two visits to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the AES made him lose hair on the top of his skull, so now he would like to go somewhere safer. Thoughts about the New Earth (from where, according to Solzhenitsyn, no counter-revolutionist came back alive) … or about the Mayak plant, one of the largest nuclear plants in Russia, responsible for the contamination of a large area of ​​the Urals in 1957 …

So if you want to ask Krzysztof Haladyn about something – it’s worth hurrying! The more so because on February 4 he admitted on social media that he had finished writing a new book called “Horde”.