Krzysztof Piersa (writer / Poland)

Krzysztof Piersa is a licensed addiction therapist, but as he says himself – not an inspired one shouting: “turn off this computer and go outside.” He is the author of therapeutic guides on this subject: “Computer Junkie” and “Goldfish in the Cesspool”, as well as the fantastic series “Cosmic Beavers”. He treats his writing career with full commitment and professionalism – in a few years he has held several hundred author’s meetings. Writing books is his full time job as well as going to author’s meetings. He is an advocate of the theory that “there is no such thing as talent, only need and determination.” He claims that if he can earn a living this way, everyone can.

He created the program “Żywot Pisarza” on the Youtube channel “Krzysiek Piersa”. He declares that in his spare time he paints miniatures and reads manga, although we have doubts whether he actually has this spare time!

During the Focon, Krzysztof will meet with you to talk about his raypunk book “Space Beavers”, but also during a lecture on addiction to new technologies. He is a gamer himself, has led an e-sports team and promised that all of those meetings would be without pompous sermons and distortions!