Krzysztof Sokołowski (singer of Nocny Kochanek / Poland)

Krzysztof Sokołowski – he would be of a legal age regarding being on stage – 18 years of playing. Vocalist and songwriter of the band Nocny Kochanek.

He started his musical career in the band Nemesis, which smoothly turned into Night Mistress. In 2012, director Bartek Walaszek, who had previously used the band’s music in his films several times, asked to record a piece for the film “Kapitan Bomba – Zemsta Faraona”. This is how the “Mineral Fiutta” was created, which was quickly picked up by the audience, and the members of the group felt better in this light-hearted edition. Night Mistress evolved into Nocny Kochanek, which is musically classic heavy metal, but with humor, distance to the world, pastiche and language games.

Krzysztof Sokołowski is an English teacher by education, he has never been to a music school, he took singing lessons several times in his life, but – as he jokes – they did not teach him metal singing, but rather allowed him to get something out of them, such as small everyday objects. 😉

He treats his work at Nocny Kochanek akin to being a professional comedian: he goes on stage and presents his jokes, and everything is thought out and planned so that it can be repeated, always maintaining the same quality. Everything has to be of the highest musical and performance level that he can afford.

Krzysztof Sokołowski studied applied linguistics at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin and after graduation, in 2011, he moved to Warsaw and started working as an English teacher at a junior high school. He always felt good in his school and thanks to playing in a band, he was more popular and trusted by his students. There were so many funny stories that he once said in an interview that he even wrote them down, because it would be a pity if they were lost … However, in 2017, after 5 years of work, six months before his promotion, he decided to put everything on the Nocny Kochanek card and quit his job at school.

Poland was definitely in need of Nocny Kovhanek. Metal is pompous, puffed up, and it needed a breath. The main purpose of music is to bring joy.

At Focon, we will talk about lyrics, jokes – which are infantile at first, maturing with each album – about inspirations, about fantastic (and pompous) heavy metal lyrics by other bands.

Krzysztof Sokołowski is also very brave, because in interviews he admits that he likes to get away from heavy playing and listen to the moody and sad pieces by Adele or sing along with Bryan Adams …