Łukasz Rzadkowski (writer / Poland)

Łukasz Rzadkowski was born on Halloween, in the year of Peter Jackson’s “Braindead”. And it should be added that his debut book, which will be released this year, is titled “Lexicon of Living Death”. You get it, right?


Łukasz Rzadkowski is, above all, passionate about the living dead theme in pop culture. He collects everything related to it – from books and comics, through movies, games, figurines, to strange things. What kind? We will ask during the meeting! Łukasz is the founder of the iminfected.pl website – the largest zombie portal in Poland. He is a croupier by profession who is reportedly not afraid of anything that is weird and unconventional. Privately, he is a bassist and drummer who plays music that is too heavy for most of the population, and – perhaps most importantly – admits to being “a worshiper of his two exceptional cats.”

If you have dozens of questions in your head – that’s great! Łukasz will be our guest at FOCON and during the meeting he will certainly answer all of them.