Magdalena “Cathia” Kozłowska (fandom / Poland)

Magda “Cathia” Kozłowska is known by the whole fandom. She has been actively participating in the Polish fan community for over 20 years. At conventions, she conducts lectures and panels that keep the whole room full, and other participants, eager to hear what Cathia has to say, knock on doors and windows. As she says about herself, she is a “convention animal”. Lublin Falkon, where Cathia usually celebrates her next 18th birthday, even once had a whole program block of Cathia & Friends!

Of all the fantasy and science fiction, Cathia loves “Star Wars” and the series “Supernatural” most. She is an incurable fan of villains, headed by a certain Big Moff …

Bookworm, professional tourist guide, frequenter of conventions, member of the Legion 501. She deals with handicrafts, making cards on fantastic topics (Cathia’s Fantastic Cards) and writes about books and series on the blog “Cathia’s Crossroads” – she says that she does it in her spare time. But we really have no idea when she manages to find something like “free time” with such a wide range of interests!

During Focon, Cathia will take you to the evergreen fantasy lands to show their faces that you do not know yet … Follow our profile, because soon we will talk more about the topics of the lecture!