Magdalena Stonawska (fandom / Poland)

Magdalena Stonawska is a fandom’s woman-orchestra! She had been involved in many fandom initiatives. She organized, coordinated and worked at many conventions, including Polcon, Falcon, Smokon and Whomanikons. Her specialty is the program, and she conducts lectures and discussion panels during the events. She has been associated with Doctor Who for years – she co-runs the Whosome.pl a portal dedicated to it.

Magdalena tries to be the voice of the unheard and a preacher of positive news. She initiated the action #FajnaPolskaFantastyka, which aims to persuade readers to share positive reflections on books and authors, instead of spreading national complaints. In Polish fantasy literature, he looks for marginalized voices and humanistic values. Hence the birth of the Polifonia Fantastic group and the Alpaka Publishing Group – a non-profit publishing house, under which, among others, “Rainbow and Fantastic”, a queer fantasy anthology was published (you can download it here – click).

Magdalena is privately a culture expert and an editor.

During Focon, you will certainly have the opportunity to listen to Magdalena talk about the activities of the Alpaka Publishing Group and about the rainbow side of fantasy, but you will also see her in the role of hosting meetings or panels with our guests, so keep an eye on the program!