Marcin Przybyłek (writer / Poland)

Marcin Przybyłek‘s literary debut took place in “Nowa Fantastyka” in 2002. It was then that his first Gamedec short story, “Monkey’s Trap”, came out. “Gamedec. The Border of Reality”, the first book collection of short stories about Gamedec, was published two years later – in 2004. This is how Marcin Przybyłek’s fantastic literary adventure began. In the Gamedec universe, 6 books (or 8 – depending on the edition) were eventually created. A board game was also created in this world, and now – since 2017, Marcin Przybyłek has been working with the Anshar Development Studio on a computer game about the adventures of the virtual detectives. The game set in Gamedecverse even before its release was appreciated, nominated and won many awards, including the journalists’ award “Game of the Show” at Gamescom in 2019 or first place at the Devcom Indie Awards 2020.


The work of Marcin Przybyłek is not limited only to Gamedecverse, he has published books and many stories taking place in other worlds. One of such books is “CEO Slayer” which takes place in the middle of the 21st century in Warsaw, where the world is ruled by corporations that parasite on people. In the middle of 2020 Pyramid Games announced that they will be making a PC game based on this novel.


A breakthrough in his career was the publication in 2016 of the novel “Orzeł Biały”, which tells the story of the Stronghold Poland  surrounded by hordes of orcs. This position has taken both Polish and international fandom by storm like the Orzeł Biały battalion itself, gaining masses of fans. A year after the premiere, the second part: “Orzeł Biały 2” was released, and Przybyłek promises that – despite the fact that he still has a lot of work on the game – “Orzeł Biały 3” is in the works and will come with hordes of Czech orcs!


The icing on the cake of the diverse and versatile work of Marcin Przybyłek was the 2019 edition of “Symphony of Life” by the IX Publishing House. A novel dealing with the subject of parallel realities, which – although it does not provide the reader with as many impressions and fireworks as “Orzeł Biały” – is by far the most elaborate and mature book by this author.


Now, that Marcin Przybyłek created the Gamedecverse universe, refined on all sides, which was adapted in the form of a newly created game, an entertaining national epic in the form of the “Orzeł Biały”, a mystical story about parallel worlds and the great importance of decisions made by people – which is the “Symphony of Life” ”- the question arises… what could happen next?!

We will ask Marcin about this during Focon. And, of course, about “Orzeł Biały 3”. He promised he would answer!