Marcin Rybiński (computer games / Poland)

Marcin Rybiński, Creative Director of Anshar Studios, proves that work and persistence allow you to achieve success! During Focon, he will talk about the latest project of the studio, i.e. the Gamedec game based on the works of Marcin Przybyłek.

His story begins in 2007 when he started his professional career. At that time, he was still involved in conducting trainings in the field of MS Office, VBA and the Adobe graphics package. After two years (fortunately for us!) however, he stated that it was creating computer games that was his calling and that he would like to associate his future with.

From 2009, he started working in gamedev and created several smaller titles such as: “Pirate Jack”, “Crypt Hunter” and “Winnie the Race”, but at the end of 2010 he decided to try his hand at creating larger productions. It was then that he started working for the Katowice branch of City Interactive as a Level Designer. His work was appreciated and with time he took the position of Lead Designer. At that time, he was involved in games such as “Dogfight 1942” and “Cobat Wings”.

In 2012, he started working at Anshar Studios as a Lead Designer. He participated in the creation of games such as “Kate Malone: ​​Hidden Object Detective” and “Artifex Mundi Detached”. Marcin has had the opportunity to share his knowledge many times during the classes on “Creating games for mobile devices”, which he conducts at the University of Economics in Katowice, as well as with students at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice as part of the ZIP-Become an Engineer of the Future project. He spends his free time playing both computer and board games. He is also an avid modeller.

Currently, Marcin Rybiński at Anshar Studio is the Creative Director of the Gamedec project – a game based on a series of books of the same title by Marcin Przybyłek. The game has achieved success during the Kickstarter campaign and has already been awarded several times … and has yet to be released! During the meeting with Marcin Rybiński and Marcin Przybyłek, the creators of Gamedec will tell you about its creation and show you what you can expect in the final version. That is why we cordially invite everyone who is waiting for this futuristic, virtual world of puzzles.