Marek Franciszek Raczyński (board games / Poland)

Marek Franciszek Raczyński – known as Captain Molo – is a game designer, avid board game player and fan of all kinds of miniature battle games. He loves to paint models, play dungeon crawlers, practice martial arts and everything related to the great 80’s, the “golden time” of creativity of all trends in fantasy. His biggest dream is to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in person (but Dwayne Johnson would do too).


As he writes about himself: “Since 2016 I have been working at Hexy Studio – a Polish company that specializes in the creation of animations and promotional films for board games, 3D modeling of game components and the production of figures. I am involved in, among other things, the creation of board and battle games. My duties include supervising the entire creative process, coordinating the activities of designers, graphic designers and testers. Among the games I’m especially proud of are:

Hard City, which I had the opportunity to design together with the extremely talented Adam Kwapiński [insert link to our subpage],

Star Scrappers: Battledrill – a skirmish battle game set in the atmosphere of a cosmic western in our Star Scrappers Universe setting, in which I am the co-author of the rules with Wojtek “Fafel” Guzowski.

our latest work, Star Scrappers: Orbital – a game by Jacob Fryxelius (the author of the world bestseller Terraforming Mars), in which I am honored to be the author of the expansion to the main game together with Piotr Żuchowski, as well as the main author of the plot for this latest installment of our original universe. “