Marta Fijak (computer games / Poland)

Marta Fijak has a degree in experimental biology, but her professional career was based on computer games. She gained experience in various ways: from data analysis in F2P games to designing best-selling games like Frostpunk.


She has been cultivating love for games since childhood and the first contact with Super Frog. Even then, she dreamed of creating games in the future, although at the time it seemed unrealistic.


In high school, she created several prototypes of games and animations, and when it was time to choose her studies … she went to two fields: biology and computer science. During her studies, she had to undergo an internship in a game production company. It was then that she started a month-long internship at Techland. The very thought of making her childhood dreams come true was so amazing that when asked about her salary, she replied: for free.


After completing her internship, she had to combine studying biology with her passion for games. She then managed to create three titles, one of which she submitted to the competition. As she says, she did not win, but she managed to get a job that allowed her to start making her dreams come true.

To this day, he enjoys working on scripts as well as analyzing the theory behind game design.


Most recently, she worked as Lead Game Designer at 11 bit studios. Now Marta will start a new chapter in her professional life – what? Ask Marta live during the meeting!