Michał Gołkowski (writer / Poland)

Michał Gołkowski – born in 1981, relatively high mileage, but failure-free and accident-free. Four-wheel drive, turbo, air conditioning and an extensive interior package.

Writer and polyglot. A linguist by education, a simultaneous translator by profession, passionate about military history and cultural anthropology.

The fastest Polish fantasy pen. He made his debut in the not so distant 2013 year with the book “Leaden Dawn”, since then flooding the publishing house with a truly wholesale amount of at least two or three books a year. The constantly expanding range of his themes circulates between the themes of war, psychological thriller, grotesque, horror novels, history and even full bloodied fantasy.

An unparalleled lecturer and speaker, able to give an hour-long lecture on virtually any subject without stuttering or repeating – from the formation of criminal organizations in the early post-Soviet period, back to the siege techniques of ancient Babylon.

Taken straight from the showroom, 1st owner, no hidden fees.

What a deal!

Photo in the header: Perspektywa – Maciej Tarasiewicz