Mochi Chuu (cosplayer / Italy)

Mochi Chuu, actually Caterina Rocchi, is a 22-year-old cosplayer from Italy. Since childhood, she was interested in art, and later also in cosplay. Probably many of you know her story from your own experience: Mochi’s parents believed that her hobby was a threat to her education, so she could devote herself seriously to it only after leaving home, two years ago. Currently, she is studying “Programming and Design for Videogames” at Scuola Internazionale Di Comics in Rome and having her own place on Earth, she can create cosplay and everything that she could only dream about before.

In addition to cosplaying, Mochi is a passionate player of Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, Apex and Genshin Impact. And when asked about her favorite food, she replies: “Damn, I like everything!” But most of all, she likes sweets, pizza, sushi and pasta! We promise to serve dumplings during Mochi’s visit! 🙂


Mochi chose Uravity from Boku no Hero for her first cosplay. When she started creating her initial works, as she says herself, they were far from perfect. Huge support from the cosplay community inspired her to create new characters. And although her first version of Ochako was far from perfect, it is still her favorite cosplay to this day.

Mochi is passionate about the activities of other creators, because it allows her to find new sources of inspiration, but most of all because she loves to see people approach with commitment and great love to creating their cosplays. Her favorite Polish cosplayer is Sosenka and she would like to meet more people who deal with cosplay here.

The Italian cosplay community is not fully known in the world. As a result, their native cosplayers are not as appreciated as they should be. Mochi’s dream is to help them stand out in the world and show everyone how good they are at this art! So come to the meeting and let Mochi show how much the Italians have to offer!