Peter V. Brett (writer / USA)

The author of the most brilliant and fantastic debut in recent years. With the novel “The Painted Man” he started an invasion of book markets around the world. Immediately after its publication, publishers in North America, Great Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, many other countries, and of course also in Poland, bought the rights to publish the book. To date, more than three and a half million copies of the books of his Demon series have been sold in as many as twenty-seven languages around the world. As part of the series, the following were published in Polish: The Painted Man, Desert Spear, War in the Daylight, Throne of Skulls, Abyss, as well as the collected stories: The Grand Bazaar, Brayan’s Gold and The Messenger’s Heritage. His new novel, The Desert Prince, which is the sequel to the demonic series, will be published in English in August 2021. When will he be in Poland and what exactly will it be about? Ask Peter at the Focon meeting!