Adam Przechrzta (writer / Poland)

We owe his writing career to … sinusitis that forced him to stay at home, which made him write out of boredom. In this way, Adam Przechrzta created a short story and then sent it, as he says, without much hope to Nowa Fantastyka. Soon after, he received a call from Maciej Parowski, who decided to publish the text. In this way, Adam Przechrzta made his debut in fantasy prose in 2006 with the story “First Step”. Then he developed it into a novel, published under the same title in 2008. Since then, he has published eleven novels and a volume of short stories at Fabryka Słów.

Adam Przechrzta’s spectrum of interests is very wide: he is a historian, PhD, teacher, he is also the author of articles on history, knife fighting and Okinawan karate. He is interested in the activities of secret services, especially in the interwar period. But in one of the interviews he admitted that he can also write tarot better than many newspaper fortune tellers.

He is an advocate of reading while eating, and he reads everything from beekeeping textbooks, through mainstream and fantasy literature, to romances. The latter usually in the dentist’s waiting room.

 For his book “Gambit Wielkopolskiego” in 2014 he received the Silver of the Jerzy Żuławski’s Literary Award. Many years earlier, Maciej Parowski mentioned him, next to Twardoch and Orbitowski, as a young and talented writer who would have his share in turning fantasy writing upside down and giving it a new quality.

And despite the fact that he wishes to have some peace, he agreed to be our guest and tell about his books, interests and plans for the future.