Agnieszka Miela (writer / Poland)

Born in 1990, the neighbor of Kargul and Pawlak.. Which means, she comes from the vicinity of Wrocław – we explain to our younger participants. 😉 Collector of beliefs from all over the world, especially fascinated by superstitions and magic practiced in Polish villages. She has already conducted several lectures on this subject. She spends her free time playing LARPs or working on their organization, which allows her to come into direct contact with another reality. She is a lover of literary horrors and, as she says about herself, a freak by vocation.


On March 16, the premiere of the first volume of her debut trilogy: “Children of the Old Gods” took place. And what do the reviewers on the LubimyCzytac.pl portal say about it?

In my opinion, a successful debut. I believe that fantasy is not an easy genre to write a debut novel in. The author succeeded.

This extensive dark fantasy, describing the fate of Bertram Armin and Aine from the Warta family, is a perfect example of the high level of our native Polish fantasy!

I think that fans of all mythology will also be delighted with the one created in this title. We get to know its elements and construction along with the plot. If you like this type of literature, I can highly recommend it. I will look forward to the next volumes!


Do you want to know what the next volume will be about and when it will be released? Or maybe you are interested in Agnieszka’s broad knowledge of her native beliefs? Come to the meeting and ask Agnieszka about everything yourself!