Andrzej Ziemiański (writer / Poland)

An optimist who declares himself lucky. Direct, although in interviews he sometimes wonders if he is “conflicting” after all. He is glad to be Polish. He only reads memoirs, biographies, non-fiction and history books. He has a notebook with ideas and curiosities, from which he sometimes draws an idea for a story. A bit like a rabbit out of a hat, considering that “Autobahn nach Poznań” was created by combining the notes: “Cheetah that speaks” and “each defeat can be reversed by bringing about an even greater defeat”. In his optimistic nature, he cannot understand malcontent or the fact that people seek peace of heart in literature. His best-selling series – “Achaia” – gained notoriety because it appeared at the right time and place.

He dreamed of becoming a writer and being able to tell stories that come to his mind. He now considers himself a co-author of his books – along with his readers. He is addicted to author meetings, he would like to know what readers would change in his books. And we will certainly provide it.

Andrzej Ziemiański. Author of “Achaia” – one of the most widely read books on the Polish fantasy scene. Awarded many times.


Photos © by Michał Mucha.