Author: Wojciech Kucza

We help and keep working!

Our dearest Focarians! Last Thursday our lives and worldview were turned upside down. We have been thinking for the last few days – “where do we go from here?” Besides obviously helping our neighbours, who were dramatically invaded by Russia, we also thought about Focon. We talked with a lot of people and came to…
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Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 2)

Last year it was our joy and pleasure to inform you about another confirmed guests at our Focon 1.0. You were only a few clicks away to had a chance to be guests at home of Guy Gavriel Kay, Peter V. Brett, Rebecca F. Kuang or Angus Watson. Also impressive was our Polish literature section…
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Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 1)

What made Focon 1.0 unique and special? First and foremost – our wonderful guests and participants, but you don’t have to take our word for it! 😉 Numbers don’t lie: 2473 participants, 87 guests, 91 Cosplay Competition competitors and 26 media partners made the first Focon such an unique event. This year we are working…
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