Become an exhibitor!

When the outline of the event emerged, it became clear that the convention does not exist without exhibitors’ stands and we started to think what is the most important for you, the exhibitors…

To show customers your goods?
To speak with your customers?
To answer their questions live?
Personal contact?
Participation in such an event?
To be able to finally be together?

… and then we realized that we can give all of the above things to you!

During the Fantasy Online Convention the exhibitors hall would be an interactive map. It would be composed from stands represented by icons, where your stall would be marked by your logotype and category color. After clicking your virtual stand, the customer would be invited to a virtual room where you would be waiting. Real, flesh-and-bone you! Only on the other side of the webcam.

So grab your table (we don’t lend those, you have to be prepared), roll-up, goods and set up your stand in the living room, where we’ll bring your virtual customers right away! Of course if you have a workshop or a brick and mortar store – you can set up your stand there for the time of your transmission.

If you are worried that you’ve never done this before – don’t worry! In fact – hardly anyone did this before and that’s where we step in, to help you pass seamlessly through the digitization process both conceptually and technically. We can advise you on how to arrange the stand, how to draw customers’ attention, how to talk to them during the transmission, what to talk about while no one is asking any questions…

Give us a note and we’ll gladly help you in putting you on the Web, even if you don’t have a website yet.

PS. We don’t sell the exhibition space by square feet, so it’s much cheaper than in real life!

Just fill in the application form and we’ll reply right away with an offer tailored especially for you because each of you have their own needs.

If you want to see the universal offer before applying, you can download it >>> here <<<.