Wall of Glory

Focon 1.0 would not take place without the hands of many people with great hearts. We will always remember everyone who decided to believe in us, when we could only say “hello! We have such an idea …” and everyone who became part of the first edition of Fantasy Online Convention.

We would also like to thank all 2,473 people who decided to come to Focon and co-created it with their presence. 

However, there are a few people who should hang here by name due to special merits. Do you want to know who they were?

The organizers of the event

Anna Kłos

Wojciech “Ajon” Kucza

Mirosław “Xaric” Kowalski

Dorota Kobylańska

Jan “Kanto Cosplay” Weltrowski-Knopik

(Magda)Lena Banaszek

Julia Dołęgowska

Ula Tomaszewska

Wall of Glory, that is, we would not be without …

They helped us, although they did not have to – without them we are not be here!

Thank you:

Borys Deceel Ixfaui

Barbara Gąsiorowska
Antykwariat Barbara

Anna Donica

Maciej “Toudi” Pitala

Marcin Przybyłek


Klaudia “Foka” Heintze

Piotr Gnyp
Movie Games

Kamil M. Śmiałkowski

Marta “Kodama” Tymińska

Krzysztof “Pielaszke” Pielaszek

Joanna Obrara
Fantastyka Moim Życiem

Weronika “Mau” Rędziniak

They decided to appreciate us and make their contribution to Focon 2.0:

Mariusz Pociask

Companies that decided to support us by becoming an exhibitor, sponsor of awards or by communicating Focon in their channels:

Media patrons of Focon 1.0: