Grupa Filmowa Darwin (movie / Poland)

Marek and Janek from the Darwin Film Group say about themselves: “we love making films, so we just make them”. They also say that they do not feel like youtubers, but it is on Youtube that they have a channel with over 800,000 subscribers and even more watches! In addition they are called the most professional Polish YT channel. This is where most of their productions appear, which they write, direct, edit, produce, and star in. They also say that they are lucky with talented people and thus they can constantly develop, creating an ever growing team of professionals, while effectively implementing the idea of ​​evolution that they included in their name. They became famous for the series “Wielkie Konflikty”, in which they show their version of meetings between various famous historical and mythical figures. However, there are many more productions on the channel, where the creators play with various film genres and conventions to take the viewer into a world of adventures and captivating stories with a lot of humor. Almost all episodes are intertwined with each other and create a common universe, also extended on paper in the book “To (not) the end of the world”, which in less than 3 days achieved the bestseller status. They also say that they would like to write another book, leave YouTube one day and make a full-length movie, and that someone would finally come up with non-fat cookies.

If you asked Marek what else he would add to it, he would look at Janek: “Janek?”, And Janek would reply, “I don’t know, nothing, I guess. Why are you always doing this to me?”