Hubert Ronek (comics / Poland)

Hubert Ronek is a Polish comic book creator, cartoonist and screenwriter. Author of comic books: “Kraina Herzoga”, “House of Mourning”, “Henryk i Bonifacy”, “Ziarnko Prawdy”, “I am God” series, as well as popular series for children: “Antek Srebrny’s War Odyssey”, “Sieciaki” and “Ada , Junior i Pirat “, published for 12 years in the children’s press. He is both a master of arts at the Faculty of Arts at the Maria Curie-SkÅ‚odowska University in Lublin and a master of Polish philology.

Currently, he creates new historical comics for younger readers and two original projects.

The first of them – “World of Aghart” – tells about the world ruled by Mastar. In the first book, the best coaches from all over Aghart come to the kingdom. Choosing their best trained and strongest players, they compete in the biggest and most prestigious Monsters tournament – the Fangha Tournament! Based on the comic book, Hubert Ronek also created a board game, the prototype of which was awarded in 2020 by the Galakta publishing house.

The second project is “W.E.”, a series set in a post-apo atmosphere, in which you will find a moral story with fantastic and adventure elements. Subsequent issues are published under crowdfunding. The first collection ended with a sensational result of 388% of the amount necessary to gather, and the second issue was funded in less than 24 hours of the campaign!

At the Focon, Hubert Ronek will talk about his projects, but also about how it is to combine drawing comics for children and creativity for adults.