Kanto or Jan Weltrowski – Knopik (cosplay / Poland)

Kanto Cosplay, or rather Jan Weltrowski Knopik began his adventure with cosplay in high school, when he had the opportunity to go to the convention for the first time. Since then, his passion for creating costumes has grown day by day. The beginnings of his cosplay adventure focused mainly on the gaming environment, creating outfits from League Of Legends. His most popular cosplays are Fiddlesticks, which was awarded during the European cosplay competition, Odyssey Kayna, Star Guardian Sorake, Ahri or even Ziggs. Currently, he is trying to broaden his horizons, creating costumes from newer and newer universes such as Shrek, Monster Hunter or Lore Olympus.


During Focon, Kanto Cosplay will be one of the jurors of the Focon Cosplay Competition, because he is also one of the organizers of our event!