Karolina Fedyk (writer / Poland)

Karolina Fedyk writes fantasy (in two languages) and poems about terraforming planets. In 2017, her poem “What Wants Us” was nominated for the Rhysling Award from members of the American Society of Science Fiction Poetry for the best science fiction, fantasy or horror poem of the year. Her debut novel, “Wings”, has been published by SQN Imaginatio. Marcin Zwierzchowski recommends it, saying: “Fedyk has created a complicated, far from clich├ęd fantastic world”.

Her stories can be found in the anthologies “Zabawa w Boga”, “Suit and bowler hat”, “The last day of the couple II”, “fantastically unpredictable” and “Happening”.

Professionally she deals with cognitive neuropsychology. She works as a university researcher on a project that aims to shed light on the mechanisms of learning and the credibility of our memory in various contexts – from the lecture hall to the courtroom. She is close to the subject of both artificial intelligence and consciousness, and is interested in the affective relations between humans and artificial intelligence.

Karolina strongly believes that imagined worlds can teach us something new about our own. Recently, he also deals with falsifications of works of art, but only in theory.