KattLett – Michalina Daszuta (mangaka / Poland)

KattLett (aka Ciocia Kacia), or Michalina Daszuta, is the author of comic books inspired by Japanese manga. She says about herself that, like Lord Farquaad of Shrek, she is a woman of low order. Fortunately, unlike him, KattLett has a huge heart.

Her adventure with drawing comics began with the usual “scribbling of stories” in school notebooks. Then she created webcomics to start a three-year cooperation with the Kotori publishing house in 2014. This publishing house has released a 5-volume series “Exitus Letalis”, supplemented by an additional volume in September 2020. Since the publication of the first comic, new ones have appeared every year, such as “Artificial People” or “Pentagram Alchemist”.

KattLett combined her work as a cartoonist with science, studying game design at that time, obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lower Silesia in 2019 in the field of Creative Media.