Magdalena Kozak (writer / Poland)

An officer of the Polish Armed Forces with the rank of Captain, a military emergency doctor. Wounded during the second mission in Afghanistan, decorated with the Star of Afghanistan. She began writing the novel “Minas Warsaw” during the mission in Kuwait … Currently she serves as a captain in the 2nd Search and Rescue group in Mińsk Mazowiecki. He also jumps with a parachute, is an instructor and judge of sport shooting, is interested in combat systems …

Magdalena’s literary output is by no means inferior to her achievements in the service for motherland. She debuted in December 2004 with a short story titled “Boredom” which appeared in the pages of the online magazine “Fahrenheit”. She has published in “Nowa Fantastyka”, “Science Fiction” and “Esensja”. Two years after the publication of her debut short story, she published her first novel, “Nocarz”, which earned her a loyal fan club. Both “Nocarz” and the following parts: “Renegade” and “Nikt” were nominated for the Janusz A. Zajdel’s award. “Devil’s Tears”, inspired by her service in Afghanistan, was nominated for the Jerzy Żuławski’s award.

At Focon, we will talk to the greatest fighter among Polish fantasy fans about her inspirations, strength and whether, in order to get her new novel, the Motherland must first summon her on a mission.