Magdalena Kucenty (fiction writer, writer in CD Project Red / Poland)

A telecommunications engineer by education and a writer by profession. Magdalena Kucenty debuted in November 2015 with the story “Capricorn and the Dragon”. Since then, she has published in many anthologies and fantastic magazines (including Nowa Fantastyka and Fantom or “Cyberpunk Girls” anthology). Three times nominated for the Janusz A. Zajdel award. In 2019, she left her career as an IT administrator to become a writer “for a full time and a little more”. Today she writes full-time for CD Projekt Red studio, and on February 24, 2021 her debut novel “Zodiaki.Genokracja” was published. Her book shows a biopunk vision of the world after a global annihilation, in which the “Zodiac” genetic engineering plant creates posthumans with extraordinary skills.

During Focon, Magdalena Kucenty will tell you what the difference between writing books or short stories is from writing for games. Therefore, if you have ever wondered how the content of your favorite games is created and who writes it – Magdalena knows the answer and will reveal it during Focon.