Marcin Podlewski (writer / Poland)

Marcin Podlewski was to become an operator of cutting machines. However, he passed on to philosophy and finally ended up studying journalism. Nonetheless he still feels a sentiment towards grease, carded denim and angled knives cutting steel into screws.

He made his debut a hundred years ago in the pages of the LAMPA magazine of Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz, to fall for a few years on a creative stupor. As he says himself, he experienced his reset while writing Happy END – his debut novel, a mixture of horror, fantasy and post-apo published in 2013. In the same year, with the short story Edmund on the Other Side of the Mirror (nominated for the 2013 Zajdel Award), he won the competition for the XXXth Anniversary of New Fantasy. He continues to publish in this and other periodicals, and his subsequent stories have appeared in many fantasy anthologies.

He took a long time to create his space opera. It took him a long time to prepare a complete research of the book: starting from real galactic maps, through the entire structure of the described world, to astronautics issues. This is how Skokowiec was created – the first part of the Depth tetralogy about the world, in which the Milky Way, once conquered by humans, was destroyed almost entirely in a series of ravaging wars, and hyperspace jumps through the titled Depth can lead to fatal madness. Skokowiec was nominated for the New Fantastyka Book of the Year 2015, and subsequent series titles – Powrót, Napór and Bezkres – were nominated for the book of the year by the website Lubimy Czytać.


The Depth series is definitely one of the biggest surprises in Polish fantasy in recent years. The author, after completing the Depth series with the best-selling volume Bezkres, is currently writing a new fantasy series called The Book of Corruption, the first volume of which appeared on the market in 2019, and the second is planned for 2021.

The author lives with his wife, son, dog Bzik and Prozak: an antidepressant kitten, whom the family adopted after the loss of Nerwosol.