Marko Kloos (writer / USA)

Marko Kloos is a fantasy and science fiction writer. Completed Viable Paradise SF / F Writers’ Workshop. In 2019, his short stories “Lucky Thirteen” and “On The Use Of Shape-Shifters In Warfare” were adapted as episodes of Netflix’s “Love, Death & Robots” anthology.


Privately, Marko was also a soldier, he served in the German army as a junior non-commissioned officer, but in his rich history he was a bookseller, docker, robot from the technical service department and network administrator in a corporation. He was born in Germany but now lives with his wife and two children in the US state of New Hampshire. As he says himself, apart from being a writer, he is also an unpaid servant of his children.


His series “Frontlines” and “Palladium Wars” were published by Fabryka Słów. The first part of the “Palladium Wars” – “Aftershocks” – was nominated in the plebiscite “Book of the Year 2020” of the LubimyCzytać.pl portal.


When will Orders of Battle be released? What can you expect from Citadel – the third installment of the Palladium Wars series – which will be released in English this August? Marko will answer these and many other questions during the author’s meeting!