Matt Ruff (writer / USA)

Matt Ruff is an American author of thrillers, science-fiction, and fantasy novels. His book – “Lovecraft Country” was adapted by HBO as a TV series in 2020. The series “Lovecraft Country” created by Misha Green won 3 awards and received 26 nominations, gaining worldwide fame, and the original book became a New York Times bestseller.

Matt Ruff had a clear life plan from his childhood. At the age of 5, he decided that he wanted to become a fiction writer. He wrote many stories in elementary school, and the reactions of his friends when he read his texts in front of them were the first proof that he was able to entertain people with his story. He is the author of 7 novels. His books have won James Tiptree, Jr. Award, PNBA Book Award, Washington State Book Award, Alex Award. “Lovecraft Country” was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in the Novel of the Year 2017 category.

His latest book, “88 Names”, released in the US in 2020, is an exciting and engaging virtual reality epic – part cyberthriller, part romantic comedy. Paul Di Filippo writes about her in The Washington Post: “Ruff’s second major victory is in making the reader care about virtual reality. (…) Ruff’s fast-flowing, fascinating narrative is full of amusing topical and pop culture references without being overburdened by allusiveness. His witty, often snarky dialogue crackles, and every aspect of the gaming experience — which Ruff has been immersed in for 40 years — is sharply rendered and explicated. (…) Any novel that can bridge these disparate worlds and appeal to gamers and literary fans alike is a treasure greater than the loot in a cyber-dragon’s cave”.

Will the latest novel by this award-winning author be published in Poland? What does he think about adapting his best-selling book, “Lovecraft Land”? What are his plans for the next publications? You can ask Matt Ruff about all of this during the meeting at FOCON.


Photo: Lisa Gold