Michael Mammay (writer / USA)

Michael Mammay, author of the best-selling Planetside series. Its first part won the title of the Book of the Year by Lubimyczyarcie.pl for 2019.

The story of Colonel Carl Butler, a retired military officer sent to the outskirts of the galaxy, is steeped in military realism, thanks to the fact that Michael Mammay served for 27 years in the US Army. After his return, the ex-military became … a literature teacher in high school.

Where did this drastic change come from? When will the latest book “Colonyside” (which is a continuation of “Spaceside”), published in the last days of 2020, be published in Polish? Because it will be released, that’s for sure! What can you expect from his fourth book, “Misfits”? And what is the author planning for the fifth? Because we know the plan is ready! Where is the line between military experience and literary fiction?

You can ask about all this from Michael Mammay, who, as he admits, loves his readers from Poland!