Michał Węgrzyn (graphic / Poland)

An architect by education, by trade designer, draftsman, illustrator and privately a father of two rascals. Co-founder of Pomysłownia and author of a series of posters in fairy-tale-architectural climates.


During Focon, he will give you a lecture on drawing. He will talk about how we develop or lose this skill. From our first works on the walls in the apartment, through the margins of notebooks to notebooks at work meetings. About the fact that each of us has a potential that we abandon and not develop over time. The pretext for the conversation is the drawing of the House of Knowledge on Chicken Leg – a drawing that was created, a bit as a form of fun with the convention of an architectural cross-section, and has become a bestseller of the Poster Fair 2020. About the fact that there are no ugly drawings and how much satisfaction but also peace gives freedom visualizing your ideas… even the most fantastic ones.