Trevor James Yanke – NotParadox (computer games / USA)

Trevor James Yanke, aka YouTube NotParadox, is an industrial psychologist, esports psychologist, coatch and one of the biggest creators of educational content for Heroes of the Storm. He created his YouTube channel with the idea of posting simple videos from games, however his analytical approach really reached the audiences. Therefore, the theme of his channel was also a look at the psychological and philosophical side of the games. NotParadox learns neuropsychology, which is why the content it creates is so different from that available on other channels.

Currently, his channel has nearly 50,000 subscribers, and his films have over 12 million views. During Focon, NotParadox will talk about the phenomenon of his channel, but also about the psychological side of games.


He said: “I have trained hundreds of thousands of players to use their minds in different ways to change the way they learn and improve. My goal was to start with Heroes of the Storm, which is a game I am familiar with, and then test how well psychological techniques could improve your gaming and your personal life. Out of the nearly 50 teams, I have coached, all of them have made it into their respective playoffs with more than 10 winning their events. In psychology, I have gaming research that is being used in universities around the world. On YouTube, within the first 6 months of being a content creator, I was reaching nearly half a million people a month. My ultimate goal as a gamer, content creator, and psychologist is to learn how video games affect our brains and in the case they improve our brains, can we use that information to make the world a better place?”