program for influencers

Do you want to be a co-creator of Focon 2.0?

During the last edition many of you asked about possibility of a patronage cooperation with influencers, so this time we would like to give you such opportunity! Starting from this edition you could become a Focon ambassador!

Idea behind this program is very simple: if you like us and want to give us your “seal of approval” – join our influencer program. By doing so you will become a part of Focon 2.0 and be given a unique opportunity to tell your fans and followers about our event as first!

What's in it for you for becoming a member of our influencer program?

  • You will be added to the ambassador list right next to media patrons!
  • Exclusive pre-access to the list of our guests and attractions.
  • You will receive media packages.
  • We will be sending you graphic files and other promotional material for you to use in social media.
  • You will be invited to a special press conference for our ambassadors only!
  • You will receive a special overlay for Google Meet indicationg that you are our ambassador, so when you show up at the event and turn on your camera – everyone will know that you are supporting us!
  • Gadgets, surprise gifts or special events are planned for our most active ambassadors.

What are your duties?

  • You will have to inform your fans and followers about guests and events at Foconu, that you will find interesting. You have your followers because you give them content that interests them and it’s you, who knows best what will be attractive for them. That’s why we are giving you freedom and leave it to you what to share with the others. Whether it’s once per month or per week doesn’t matter to us. We deeply believe that as our ambassador you will get involved in sharing news about our event with your fans 🙂
  • inviting your fans to Focon 2.0 when the date of the event will draw near.
  • spreading the word and sharing our Focarian good news! 🙂

How can you become our ambassador?

It’s simple!

You need to have:

  • 1000 followers on Instagram
  • 1000 fans on a Facebook fanpage
  • at least 500 views under your newest Youtube videos
  • at least 500 views of the newest blog entries.

We will answer to all applications in maximum 7 days. 

We reserve the right to deny the application without further notice. 

See you 28-31.10 at Focon 2.0!