Przemysław Marszał (computer games / Poland)

Przemysław Marszał is a co-founder of one of the largest producers of computer games in Poland – 11 bit studios. For many years he was the artistic director of the studio, currently he is the president of the board. He is responsible for the final look of all games developed by 11 bit studios. He supervises projects from the prototype stage to the day of the premiere. With 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, he is constantly working on innovative titles. It is thanks to him, among others, that 11 bit studios is famous for its games that provoke deeper reflection and are remarkable in reception.

The most recognizable productions of 11 bit studios are: the series “Anomaly”, “This War of Mine” and the youngest, best-selling “Frostpunk”. “This War of Mine” not only won the hearts of game fans, but was noticed by the mainstream media such as “The Guardian” or “New York Times”) to finally gain a place in the native canon of school reading, which makes this unique game a new form of cultural heritage.

Privately, Przemysław Marszał is a fan of Japanese manga and we will talk to him about an adult approach to it.

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