Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 1)

Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 1)

What made Focon 1.0 unique and special? First and foremost – our wonderful guests and participants, but you don’t have to take our word for it! 😉 Numbers don’t lie: 2473 participants, 87 guests, 91 Cosplay Competition competitors and 26 media partners made the first Focon such an unique event. This year we are working even harder to make Focon 2.0 even bigger and better.

And what a splendid convention it was! ❤️ During Focon 1.0 you had a chance to meet really fantastic guests both from Poland and all over the world. Our on-line rooms were visited by e.g. 📚 Guy Gavriel Kay, Peter V. Brett, Marko Kloos, Andrzej Ziemiański or Magdalena Kozak. But there’s more for a convention than a literature alone, so we invited some other people. Gaming world was showed you from a closer perspective by 🎮Przemysław Marszał, 11 bit studios CEO, Marcin Rybiński from Anshar Studios, Magadlena Kucenty and Mateusz Szymański from CD Project Red and Joey Yu – a real Man of Many Talents. And to make sure that the dices rolled smoothly in boardgames section we had e.g 🎲 Michał Oracz – creator of the famous Neuroshima Hex! – and about comic books, manga and graphics some interesting details were unveiled by e.g. 🗯️ DC Comics related Karl Kerschl and Mateusz Urbanowicz. We also have to had a cosplay related section where we have a pleasure to guest e.g. 🧙‍♂️ Mochi Chuu and Shappi. Our fantastic guests came also from the artistic fields like theatre, mocies and music. 🎭 Marek Brodzki, Jacek Mikołajczyk and also Marek Hucz i Jan Jurkowski from Darwin Film Group answered your questions as well as a vocalist and frontman of 🎸Nocny Kochanek Krzysztof Sokołowski and also Robert Brown from Abney Park. All for you to have a lot of great fun!

Which meeting or prelection dug deep into your memory? Be sure to tell us your greatest memories from the Focon’s first edition!

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