Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 2)

Remembering Focon 1.0! (part 2)

Last year it was our joy and pleasure to inform you about another confirmed guests at our Focon 1.0. You were only a few clicks away to had a chance to be guests at home of Guy Gavriel Kay, Peter V. Brett, Rebecca F. Kuang or Angus Watson. Also impressive was our Polish literature section – at your screens you had Andrzej Pilipiuk, Tomasz Kołodziejczak, Andrzej Ziemiański, Magdalena Kozak or Marcin Mortka to name a few. We also have to remember that fantasy is not only about literature but also games. Our guests from the most important Polish gamedev studios: 11 bit studios represented by the CEO Przemek Marszał and Aleksander Kauch and Alexandre Boiret, CD Project Red represented by Mateusz Szymański and Magdalena Kucenty told you a lot of interesting things about the virtual reality. Their knowledge shared also members of Anshar Studios and also Joey Yu and Tom Putzki. It’s also hard to imagine a convention without cosplayers! Mochi Chuu from Italy and Shappi from Poland told you about their love and passion for cosplay. Also other shades of fantasy were not forgotten. Boardgames veterans like Michał Oracz from Awaken Realms and Adam Kwapiński were our guests. For lovers of comics and graphics we had meetings with Karl Kerschl, Hubert Ronek, Mateusz Urbanowicz and other guests for whom drawing has no secrets! At Focon 1.0 we also have some space for musicians like a frontman of Nocny Kochanek band Krzysztof Sokołowski or Robert Brown from steampunk Abney Park group. About some life on stage details, light was shed by our movie and theatre related guests Marek Brodzki, Jacek Mikołajczyk, Marek Hucz and Jan Jurkowski.

There were around 2500 people that passed through the Focon 1.0 virtual rooms – a truly impressive number for us.

We sincerely thank your for your presence last year and we’d like to invite you for the Focon’s second edition. We work hard to give you even more fun, contests, meetings and prelections and other things that you will want to take parte in!

See you in October – between 28-31.10 our site will again transform into a unique and one of a kind Internet convention!

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