We help and keep working!

We help and keep working!

Our dearest Focarians!

Last Thursday our lives and worldview were turned upside down. We have been thinking for the last few days – “where do we go from here?” Besides obviously helping our neighbours, who were dramatically invaded by Russia, we also thought about Focon. We talked with a lot of people and came to a conclusion, that to take care of the others first you need to be well taken care of. Fantasy is an inseparable part of our lives – as a hobby, part of our work or even a part of our daily life… More often than not it helps us to keep distance from the surrounding reality and offers refuge from all the bad things that happen. Thus for all of you sharing this feeling we will keep working on Focon! We strongly believe that when October comes our reality will bear at least a semblance of normality… But still ’till this time will come we want to be for you a safe haven, where you can come, catch some breath and regain your strength to fight for a better tomorrow.

As for the help – we strongly encourage you to visit the FB group: Drużyna Wiewióry (Fandomowa Grupa Wsparcia) where you can help in truly fantastic style! (by e.g. bidding on our plushy seals – click until 3.03, or until 6.03 an advert on Focon – the other click).

Take care of yourselves!

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